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Negatives (merged threads) Options
Posted: Tuesday, March 17, 2009 10:50:36 PM

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Now that is no longer available, is there any place to find the Aquarium Fragment. It was also available at, but that too is gone.
Has it been/can it be posted here somewhere or what?
Posted: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 11:16:47 PM
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Oren wrote:
N - 11

are you awake?
Now Yes
... ...
Cal i feel strange
What do you mean strange ?
I feel like i forgot something important,like left something somewhere by mistake.
Everyone feel like that sometimes. But this did not really happen , beside if you have forgotten somefhing it sign you dont really need it. so dont worry .
... ...
You still worried.
Yes , its like theres ... There is a part of me, right under my ribs which is supposed to be there but its gone.
I have a strange kind of feeling that I should know what is not there, but I can not put my finger on it..
... ... ...
I sound crazy.
Yes, but I think I know what you mean.
And I have a bad feeling. like something bad to happen
Let me ... Nothing bad is happening to you or me, and you are not missing any part of you. Everything all right. Everything all right and you will feel better in the morning..
Shh ... close your eyes and Think about breakfast.
I feel better.
This is what I thought.

I can verify that Negative 11 is in the Hebrew translation of the book.
It's on page 184, printed on a black page.
I can scan it, but it's in Hebrew so I doubt it will be really helpful :)
The translation by Oren pretty much sums it up though.
Posted: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 11:43:37 PM
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It would be great if you could scan it and post it! It would be excellent! Welcome to the forums.
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